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Essentials that inspire the artisan in all of us.

Home is where we feel the most deeply connected to our lives. What and who we surround ourselves with will have a lasting effect on our well being. That’s why we’ve carefully selected essentials from local artisans that consider the intrinsic quality of both material and method. They are ultimately a reflection of substance and art. We are able to procure and craft home essentials from our shop and local artisans that elevate your spaces and the way you use them. 

Don't see what you are looking for?

Feel free to give us a quick call or email to make the experience more personalized to your needs. Different woods, other board shapes, and more board sizes available on request. 

When we consider each of our pieces, we look at the kinship between artistry and usefulness. 

They aren’t just made to sit on a shelf, they’re made to be used as a way to create and share a well-lived life- functional artistry. 

We are connoisseurs of craftsmanship, natural element enthusiasts, and believe that the highest quality is formed from material in the hands of intentional craftsmen. 

Not fabricated and replicated. Pieces for the inner chef, the entertainer, the dinner with friends, all adding to the story of your life.

For Realtors and Corporate Gift Givers

Setting yourself apart and making sure your client feels well taken care of is essential to your business. We offer cutting board gift packages that allow you to create a meaningful moment with every client relationship. 

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