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Artisan Makers

Heirloom Quality

As a company that values our people and our community, we recognize there is a gap between makers and the standard retail market. This is our "why" for launching Cento Anni Home Essentials. We have connected with real people using local materials and with the skills to build items that last a lifetime. That is what we stand behind. 

Other retailers have great distribution networks while we have Steve. We have Jeff. We have Eddie. We have Jana. We have a small group of makers who create incredible quality products with their own hands. Come experience these items for yourself, right in downtown Holland. 

Cento Anni Team, Woodworkers

Based in Holland, MI

The Cento Anni team has been perfecting their craft for 10+ years, so anything wood related is up their alley. This is a team of skilled artists, with each member bringing their own area of expertise. Together, they put their "blood, sweat, and tears" into the products on our shelves. 


As a team progresses, new ideas are generated, and luckily - new products pop up from this collaboration! Using locally sourced lumber, we can guarantee these artisan items will last.  The team is always up for a challenge, so just because you don’t see it in our current offerings doesn’t mean we can’t make it!

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Eddie, Metalworker

Based in Holland, MI

Eddie is a local knifemaker specializing in high-performance kitchen cutlery for the enthusiast or professional chef. Since 2018, he has been perfecting his craft, which has led to his knives being in kitchens all over the world! Luckily, he has been friends with the Cento Anni team for many years.  All of the knives offered through our store will be made from our reclaimed material. 

Jana, Scent Expert

Based in Holland, MI

 What started as a hobby quickly turned into a small business, and Jana is grateful to share this passion with others! With Cento Anni, all candle and spray products are carefully curated and handcrafted in her home studio. It is important that our products are safe for everybody in your household, including pets. Our candles are 100% soy wax and high quality fragrances that are always free from phthalates and parabens. Our room sprays are formulated from scratch with just 4 ingredients using her own recipe. We hope you find your new favorite scent in one of our collections!

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Jeff, Ceramist

Based in Allendale, MI

Jeff works out of a ceramic studio on his family's 120-year-old farm and believes that beautiful, functional vessels can heighten and transform homes spaces and personal experiences (that's right--he believes coffee does taste better out of a handmade mug!). Jeff makes his simple, clean pots on a potter's wheel and finishes them in custom, food-safe glazes.

Steve, Leather Guru

Based in Holland, MI

Steve Smith began crafting leather in response to his daughter's love of writing. His first projects began as journals for that his daughter could treasure while writing her thoughts and dreams. His craft has grown organically as demand for his work grew over the last decade! Steve considers the best of his craft as artisan work with specialty products that meet the need of the community. 

Dennis edited-8.jpg

Dennis, Wood turner

Based in Holland, MI

Dennis was struck with the woodturning "bug" as a 12 year old after experimenting on his Dad's antique lathe. Those first baseball bats evolved into pens, salt and pepper grinders and other great home products! Dennis is meticulous with all of his creations. It is remarkable how detailed he can make each and every item. He adds extra time making all products exceed expectations, and he says it is worthwhile when seeming customers enjoy their new hand-turned piece. 

Alla, Artist

Based in Zeeland, MI

Alla is a Belarusian-American artist based in Holland, MI, with a diverse background that includes living in Russia, Siberia, and Egypt. Her art, which includes watercolors, acrylics, and oils, reflects her worldly perceptions and a deep passion for the art of living with JOY.

Alla's vibrant and expressive paintings adorn homes and galleries worldwide, and she also inspires others through motivational speaking and art instruction.

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