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Done differently.


We love custom.

Bring your torn-out catalog pages, Pinterest pictures, and napkin sketches and we’ll help you fully form your concept into something that is full of quality, meaning and purpose. Your ideas don’t scare us, they don’t annoy us, they don’t intimidate us. They’re exactly what we’re waiting to hear, to spend extra time refining. We’re expecting them, ready to engage with them so that we can arrive at fully formed concepts, together. Your no’s give us clarity; your yes’s give us momentum.


We want to understand what’s important to you so that we don’t have to compromise on those most important items. To preserve what resonates most with what matters to you, what life you’ve lived before it, and what life you’re going to live around it.


To guide you to what’s possible, not limit you to what’s been done before. Let’s dream and then make design decisions that can accommodate your idea creatively, without compromising integrity or budget.


Locally Sourced Materials

Hyper local to us revolves around relationships. It's through relationships we value that we connect with local tree services, tree lots, mills, and kilns. We even take materials from our customer's properties to deliver that extra meaning.

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We believe that quality begins by clearly understanding our customers expectations. We then execute their vision without shortcuts or compromises. The details matter. We build longevity into our furniture every single time. 



Ambassadors Over Customers

It's all about relational vs. transactional. While we start with customers, our intention is to leave as family. We're in our community and we hold that accountability very seriously. We want to be the "I got people for that" people. 

A collaborative process.

We invite you into more than just an obligatory design meeting upfront because we know that the more you’re able to be involved in the shaping of what you’re looking for, the more meaning it will hold. We provide you the access to be part of more conversations throughout the design and build so that that kitchen table or center island is something you feel connected to.


Come in and we'll provide visibility to the typical blind spots. You’re building your own story; your pieces should help you tell it.

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We begin by listening to you. 

Even if it’s just a feeling you want to evoke when you sit by it. Even if it’s just a function you want it to play. All those details matter to us, so we create the space for your ideas to form.


We’re not here to force you into one of our designs.

We’re not a shop that pretends to listen to you while we think of what piece in our catalog we can box you into. We’re here to listen, and then to lead you to arrive at your piece in a collaborative way.

We’ll sit down, listen and collaborate with you as we develop your idea with intentional questions that fully consider your ideas and pair them with what’s possible. We’ll walk you through to help you arrive at what resonates most to you.

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