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The Cento Anni Concept

Cento Anni means 100 years in Italian and is both an homage to Ed’s Italian heritage and to the heirloom quality standard that we apply to our products. The company philosophy is based upon a very simple concept.

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Best Idea Wins

We strive to let an idea win on its own merit, and that helps to keep us focused on producing a high-quality product to meet the client’s needs at a fair price. This philosophy is present in all aspects of the business. We live and breathe custom, because we dare to believe that the pieces we build together will hold a special place in your life for generations to come.

Meet Our Team

Well, let us tell you about them. We could start with endless talent. We could highlight their capabilities, their experience, and their agility to incorporate your ideas and bring them to life. They’re absolute magicians. But we’d be lying if we told you it was those qualities that set them apart. Nope. It’s their level of care, their attention to detail, and their dedication to making what matters most to you, matter most to them. You should see the high fives and fist bumps when we finish a part of your project and something comes together just so. It’s a party. A party celebrating that you’re about to get a rush of emotion when you see your piece too.

Ed DeNave


Ed is the founder of Cento Anni, and runs the company with partner and longtime close friend, Randy. Ed’s love of woodworking began in his grandfather’s workshop as a child. He grew up in New York and attended college at WPI in Massachusetts. His Mechanical Engineering undergrad and masters coursework in Finance served him well in his corporate life – primarily in the automotive industry.


Ed chose to become a self-described corporate refugee in late 2012. His ever supporting wife, Lynn, has been by his side from day one, playing a vital role in the company’s success. Ed is quick to acknowledge the sage guidance of the company’s advisory board, of which Randy was a key member prior to joining full time as a partner in the summer of 2015.


Ed’s time in the corporate world (leadership roles in program management and business development) provided some great foundational experience, but the excessive international travel was not a good match for a young, active family. The company literally began in Ed’s basement workshop, and is now in a 17,000 sq ft facility in downtown Holland, MI. Ed is responsible for the vision and most customer facing activities for Cento Anni, and if ever there is a story to be told, Ed will be happy to oblige.


Favorite genre to work by: Billy Joel – rage against the machine when it’s a rough day.


Randy Beute


Randy is one of the best problem solvers you could ever meet. He came along after Ed had kickstarted the mission of build local, buy local at Cento Anni. Randy spent 20+ years in the corporate setting where he constantly had to balance efficient manufacturing processes, a 3-shift workforce, and exacting customer specifications in a high volume production facility.


He continues this manufacturing mindset every day by designing products for efficient manufacturing, creating flexible and repeatable processes, and ensuring a high quality, hand crafted end product! Early on, he assisted Ed in moving from a studio space into the 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the heart of downtown Holland. Because Cento Anni pushes to represent the core of innovation, always creating and testing new products, Randy’s background in industrial engineering is featured (and challenged!) daily.

Favorite genre to create to: Tenacious D


Cento Anni

Home Essentials Makers


You are family

Once you’re in our family, you're in. We care about you and how your piece is maturing in your space.


Visit. Talk to us. People stop by our shop all the time, and it’s awesome. We don't mind taking a break - our highest priority is people. We’ll meet our deadlines but not at the expense of pushing people away. Because we’re building a family, not just a business.

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