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Custom Craftsmanship For Life.

Custom, handcrafted woodworking for your home, business and legacy.

Wood is more than a material. It's a medium of your story.

Your custom piece should remind everyone of what matters most to you, long after you can tell them yourself. Cento Anni is a place where your ideas are heard, function isn't compromised for form and custom becomes a tangible expression of who you are.


By treating people as family, we’re able to have real conversations that allow us to arrive at the right design. We are a hyper-local, zero waste team of artisans pursuing beauty and considering the life you’re going to live around it.

Your Passion, Our Expertise.

Custom means very little if it’s not creating or preserving your story, idea or legacy. At Cento Anni, we believe that custom means being part of the entire process, not just paying for it. Custom begins by creating an understanding of why you want it. The feel, the function, and the fit. It was never just about the furniture.

Visit Our Retail Space In Person or Online

Looking for Home Essentials, cutting boards, or other gifts for the artisan in your life? Stop by our showroom or purchase one of our handcrafted products online and we'll ship to you.

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Considering the life you’ll live around it.

With that approach, we expand the experience of custom beyond an end result and into an uncommon experience of guided collaboration, design, and a deep sense of connection throughout the entire process.

"These things look absolutely stunning! I am so impressed... my clients are ecstatic."

Cento Anni on the #Gram

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